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Nanjing Putian informationization project Formally implemented


In order to improve company management level to deal with the fierce competitive environment, Nanjing Putian's long-awaited information technology projects (Yongyou U9) formally carried out.

President Sunliang has an important speech, he said, the implementation of this project, first of all to change the concept of the century, and then discuss the method, Change is an inevitable. If management is not base on informatization, not use digital manage ways, information is not flow, not comprehensive, then will not produce competitive decision-making. Second, infomatization can make the personal experience and personal knowledge organized, platformization, shared, then reduce employment costs, improve the evaluation system. Third, Yongyou can bring a enhancement to company, bring a new change of management theory. Change need support, this is why we chose ERP. Rely on "Yongyou", do it well.


                                                                                                                            Cheng Chunxuan


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