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Technological innovation pushes up the scale of production and marketing

In recent years, Nanjing Putian Changle Company which specializes in outdoor communication physical connection equipment has push up to the rapid development period in both production and marketing. What is their operating doohickey? Just one sentence, continuing technological innovation, the main reason is satisfying the market demand.


Every year, all the technicians visit the customers and communicate with them, in the chain of every kind product, they collect developed information and invite many professional technicians to have lessons in order to improve the company technical innovation, forward looking of new technologies prospective application and accuracy of market demand docking.


This year, they developed a kind of outdoor communication monitoring system, at the process of using, they found that the message sending out will be affected when the power is off. Then the engineers focus on this problem and find the suitable solution. After market, customers reflect that it is running well and comply with their requirements.


2007, Changle independent developed 1st generation outdoor cabinet, they initiatively provided technical support and project service when products into the market. Through their careful working, customers get the good technical support, and se t a good example of "Putian" band. Then they focus on cutting-age technology and keep communication with customer, follow the macro policy, such as urbanization, energy-saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection, etc. Recently, they developed the 2nd generation outdoor cabinet, and now the overall technical concept of 3rd generation has formed.


Company relies on the accumulation of many years experience as well as deeply understanding of market demand, continuing develop technical innovation, now has got more than 10 kinds of patent certification , two of them are patent of invention, the leading position of telecom field is becoming obvious. In Jiangsu, Hubei, Shanxi, Jiangxi, etc. Changle got the 1st in kinds testing.


                                                                                                                              Feng Xiangdong





Journalist's Note


Make technological innovation a good flower, and then bear fruit.


Technical innovation has risk, not only in blossoming but also in bearing fruit. Because there are many reasons, as new technology over ahead, it will be unacceptable; the cost of new technology is over high, it will be also not acceptable, and the company running cost and risk will also be high, maybe this is the most important reason of bearing. In the shift of difficulty and easy, there are some lows to be found. Just like plating experts are well know the plant characters, and chose suitable weather and plant space, follow their growing characters, control all the growing process and then get good fruit. Technician with great experience know this theory---- understanding the professional skill, do market well, these are the precondition of technical innovation and new technology commercialization.


From what Changle has done, rely on good understanding to market , professional skill aincrease the market occupancy of  Putian outdoor connection products. We learn a lesson from Changle, whether satisfy the market with new technology or customerisation, technology innovation bloom well and bear good fruit, the two deeply "understanding" and innovation advantage is necessary. So believe, As long as the enterprises actively explore effective means of technological innovation, adhere to independent innovation, technological innovation will be able to make out a good flower, bear more fruitsnd technical innovation, develop new products, win the trust from customers.


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