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Cat. 5+ 48-Port RJ45 Patch Panel (New)
Cat. 5+ 48-Port RJ45 Patch Panel (New)

Super Category 5 RJ45 Socket. The FA3-08XIIA/B/C 16/24/48-bit RJ45 sockets can be installed on 19'' standard cabinet. This socket is designed in the original structure that facilitates the plug and unplugs action and wiring. On the back of the socket, IDC clamping module is applied to realize more reasonable product structure and enhance the reliability and durability. Every technical index of this socket is far beyond the international standard. This socket adopts a unique double-face marking label that makes the management function more perfect. This design makes the engineering works and future management simpler, and the marking label can be printed according to real condition. The printing format can be downloaded from our website.

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