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SMC Press-Mold Communication Cable Jointing Chamber.


XF5-167 SMC Press-Mold communication cable jointing chamber is the corporation latest patent product (patent application No: 97107010.5)developed especially for use in adverse outdoor environment. The chamber body of this product is made of the internationally popular SMC (sheet mouding compound) chopped fiber sheet reinforces compound by mould pressing at high temperature and under high pressure. With the artistic external appearance, rational structure, reliable performance, together with the Corporation is splicing modules that are continually being replaced by new models; The product will suit the adverse climatic conditions of outdoor environment better.

Chopped fiber sheet reinforces compound is used for the body of SMC press-mold chamber, so as to ensure a long-term durability and corrosion resistance. Its service lifetime is up to 20 years.
Excellent performance of dew prevention. Special material is added into the chamber body during pressure molding so as to prevent dewing as a result of a violent temperature change within the equipment.
High ability of damage prevention
SMC material is used for the chamber body, the chamber door is hjnged as a mono-block, it has a high mechanical strength, and it is sturdy and has excellent performance of flame resistance. The internal device and the chamber body are structurally designed to be separable, so that the chamber body can be replaced without the interruotion of communications.
High adapt ability
Safe and reliable
Maximum capacity: 2400 pairs

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