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   Наш контакт


1 Putian Road,Yuhuamenwai,Nanjing,China  
Zip Code:
(86 25)52302518
(86 25)52251818
[email protected]
Website: http://www.clqmje.icu
Basic Information:
??8364;Company Name: Nanjing Putian Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
??8364;Security Code: NJ TEL (200468)
??8364;On Stock Date: 1997-05-22
??8364;Registered Capital: RMB 215,000,000
??8364;Chairman of BOD: Zhao Xinping
??8364;Secretary of BOD: Zhang Shenwei
??8364;Fax: 86-25-52416518
??8364;Tele: 86-25-52416518
??8364;Website: http://www.clqmje.icu
??8364;Zip Code: 210012
??8364;E-mail: [email protected]
??8364;Registered Address: No. 58 Qinhuai Road, Jiangning Economics and Technology Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province PRC
??8364;Office Address: No. 1 Putian Road, Qinhuai District Nanjing
??8364;Industry Item: Telecommunication and related manufacture
??8364;Main Operations: Manufacture and sales of data communication products, wire communication products, wireless communication products, distribution frames, multimedia computer and related products, and provide after-sale services.
  Under the approval of the State Council Securities Commission of the PRC with the Document No. [1997] 22, the Company made it IPO towards foreign investors on 25 April, 1997, issuing 100 million domestically-listed foreign-currency shares(B-shares) with an offering price of HKD 2.43 per share. The 100 million tradable B-shares were listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 22 May, 1997.

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